Kodklubb in Cygnaeus Skola

Free seats: 5

Kodklubben is now open!

Great! What is Kodklubb then?

Kodklubb is afternoon club in Cygnaeus Skola, where kids are taught how to write programming code. Teaching is perform mainly in Swedish, but also English terms are used. If needed, teaching can be given alson in Finnish. Because nearly everything is done on the computers, the club is intended for pupils in classes 4, 5 and 6. No personal computers are needed, since Kodklubb has 15 computers for all attendees to use. Kodklubb does not have any kind of fee, it’s all free.

We have our own Internet-connection to use on club evenings. Attendees will be familiar with basic Internet-related coding techniques and -languages, ie. HTML and Javascript. If needed, we can also get into C#, ”database language” TSQL, and so on. We will examine also how the Internet works to understand, what happens behind the scenes when an selfmade application is run on a www-browser!

Time for club evening is on Thursdays at 17:00 – 18:30 in Cygnaeus Skola, 2. floor in room 215.

If Kodklubb reaches more that 15 attendees, club evenings are held twice a week.

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